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Wet Stuff Ready Silicone Bodyglide Caps 60/jar


Wet Stuff

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This item: Wet Stuff Ready Silicone Bodyglide Caps 60/jar
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Wet Stuff Ready capsules are a unique experience, designed for use by the receptive partner. Surprise your partner with just how ready you are! The soft gel capsules once inserted in the vagina or rectum dissolve to release 1500 mg of long lasting silicone liquid. It’s PDMS base matches the PDMS silicone used on condoms to give improved reduction in risk of wear for extended penetration. Great for those who don’t want to break the flow of the action by stopping and applying lubricant. Once Ready is inserted in advance at the initiation of the receptive partner, from the very first glance to the final shower there may be no need to manually apply a lubricant! If you need more lubricant, insert another capsule or add another lubricant.

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