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Slung Weights Single


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These weights are simply the best…smooth machined stainless steel, polished with metal eye hang-hole large enough for a carabiner.

They’re slim so they hang well and don’t take up much space (this is important when hanging from a parachute ballstretcher or our new SLUNG stretchy silicone ballstretcher).

The weights hang straight down under your ballsack. SLUNG has 3 hang holes with carabiners installed…this allows you to distribute weight evenly around your sack. You get a gentle or intense tug on your stretched out low-hangers–but unlike old leather or metal weighted toys, this one doesn’t dig into your skin…probably the best and most comfortable system for stretching your ballbag.

These slick weights will not fall off, they stay securely clipped to SLUNG (or any ballstretcher that has loops or rings). You need 3 weights for SLUNG unless you just want to hang weights on the sides (you need 2 for this). Our weights are sold in single packs, so order the amount you want to hang on this or other ballstretchers.

THREE SIZES–sold in single pack–for SLUNG you will need 3 weights: 4 ounce (113 gms) each (if you use 3 on SLUNG, that’s 12 ounces total, approximately the weight of a iPhone).

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