A sweet puff pipe is a glass tube that people use for smoking concentrates.

These pipes are also called concentrates or oil pipes as they help the smokers smoke all sorts of smokeable liquids. The length of the glass pipe varies from about 20cm to 8cm. The sweet puff’s tube needs to have a 90ยบ curve at the end and then terminate into a larger round bulb that has an opening of approximately 1 cm in diameter. Australians can buy the original sweet puff from Aussie Discreet and enjoy their smoke!

Qualities of the Sweet Puff Pipe

Aussie Discreet’s sweet pipes are made from hard borosilicate Pyrex glass. The glass is safe for health, resists heat, is extremely durable, and strong. However, being a strong glass, it still can break if not handled well by the person. Our Sweet puff pipes can also be decorated with different-colored stripes or they can be fumed in silver with a stunning color changing effect. All the pipes have an anti-roll marble, that helps in serving as a small handle for higher stability. The people have the option of choosing two different types and sizes, namely long and bent tube and straight and short tube. The size of the bowl, however, remains the same in all the pipes.

Smoking from a Sweet Puff Pipe

A sweet puff pipe is different from the classic pipe, and therefore, smoking from the same is easy but a bit different. The smoker needs to put the smokeable concentrate inside the bowl of the sweet pipe and then use the flame from a special torch for heating the bowl. After the smoker observes sufficient vapor, the smoker can start inhaling the smoke of the concentrate. The smoker has to hold the smoke for a short while and should not hold the smoke for a long time. After the smoker finished smoking, the pipe has to be left for cooling down. Once the pipe is back to the normal temperature, the smoker has to clean it properly. A smoker must use a clean pipe for smoking as the previous concentrates can cause damage to the body. Therefore, below is a summary of the steps that a smoker needs to follow for smoking from a sweet pipe.

  • Load: add the concentrate in the bowl of the pipe.
  • Heat: heat the concentrate by using the flame.
  • Inhale: inhale the vapor of the concentrate.
  • Cool: cool down the mixture.
  • Clean: clean the pipe after completing smoking.

Why purchase from Aussie Discreet?

Aussie Discreet is the premium destination for purchasing sweet pipe in Australia. It offers a wide array of choices between different sweet pipes to customers all across Australia. The customers can purchase other products relating to sweet pipes. The company understands the preferences of people, and therefore, they stock up on all designs and patterns. Apart from sweet pipes, Aussie Discreet ships other things like adult toys, pipes, lingerie, and many other enhancement products. If you want to purchase the best sweet puff pipe in Australia, then you can order it online from Aussie Discreet.

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