Formally known as the alkyl nitrate, the friendlier sounding ‘poppers’ are now a regular part of many bedside tables. As a chemical, poppers are relaxants- inhale them, and they loosen muscles around your body. While taking AKA in excesses might be dangerous, taking them in moderation is often said to catalyze intercourse, particularly for those engaging in anal acts.

Nitrates were initially marketed as a medical drug for heart conditions and later developed into a sex stimulant only in the late 1900s. Earlier, poppers were sold in little glass bottles that made a ‘popping’ sound when crushed, thus earning the drug its long-lasting name. Today, they’re packaged in bottles of 10 to 30ml and sold at sex and leather shops. 

Poppers are usually available as scented home products; the aim, after all, is to inhale the scent, with the form depending entirely on the users’ choices. The effects include a short duration high followed by euphoria. With several big labels now dominating the popper market, making the correct choice for oneself might feel daunting. 

Jungle Juice Platinum:

In Jungle Juice, the primary activating ingredient is Isobutyl Nitrate. Sold in little, sleek bottles, Jungle Juice is available as a room odorizer, a leather cleaner, or a liquid aroma. The Jungle Juice Black Label is a second, stronger variety made from Pentyl Nitrate and cannot be inhaled directly. After-effects include muscle relaxation and increased blood circulation. 

Jungle Juice Platinum
Jungle Juice Platinum 30ml

Man Scent Poppers:

Probably the strongest popper in the market, with a heavy musky smell overtly targeted towards men. Man Scent Poppers are sold as leather cleaners and solvents in small bottles of 10ml each.

Rush Original Poppers:

As the name suggests, Rush hits you short and quick. The liquid is sold as a leather cleaner and odorizer. Quite mild in effect, Rush can be used by first-time users as well. After-effects of Rush include relaxed muscles, euphoria, and increased circulation. Rush Poppers are the most popular type available today.

Buy RUSH Liquid 25ml POPPERS Online

Blue Boy Poppers:

Blue Boys has been a popular name in the popper market since its first release back in the ’70s. The bottles come in sizes of 10ml and 30ml and are sold as leather cleaners and stain removers. The effect is calm, cold and sensual, and can last a good 4 to 5 minutes.

Amsterdam Poppers:

First produced in Canada, Amsterdam poppers are now famed worldwide. The main ingredient in Amsterdam is isopropyl nitrate, which evaporates slowly. This solution is sold as a cleaning agent and has a powerful scent that generally keeps the user influenced for a long duration.

Liquid Gold:

Liquid Gold is known for its extra-strong scent and will cut through any other fragrance in the room. Owing to its power, this isopropyl solution is generally sold in small, unassuming bottles of 10ml. The effects are as strong as the scent and should be used with caution.

How do poppers work?

As a drug, poppers are vasodilators; they work first on blood vessels to expand them. This automatically increases the flow of blood, leading to inevitable euphoria. Nitrates are muscle relaxants and expand all muscles throughout the body, including those in the sphincter. 

Are poppers safe?

While poppers are safe to use when taken in moderation, an excessive intake might lead to possible side effects such as headache, nausea, or a rapid increase in hemoglobin levels. Moreover, poppers should never be paired with erectile drugs like Viagra or Cialis, for a combined intake might lead to a fatal drop in blood pressure levels. When in doubt, contact a medical professional for the best combination of stimulant drugs.

Who uses poppers?

The use of poppers is popularly associated with the LGBT community. However, people across all sexual orientations are known to use poppers as a recreational drug. Nitrates act as popular sexual stimulants and generally have a more controlled effect than other drugs.

Where can I buy Poppers from?

Poppers are over-the-counter products sold at adult novelty stores and leather shops. Generally, they’re sold as nail polish removers, room odorizers, or stain and leather cleaners. Several manufactures, such as Poppers Aroma, now offer online catalogs as well. For the more discreet public, websites like Aussie Discreet offer world-class poppers the added promise of anonymous shipping.

Poppers, when used wisely, can add much to one’s sex life. Although the sheer variety of brand names might appear overwhelming at first, making the perfect choice for oneself only requires basic research on the users’ ends. If in doubt, one can always reach out to a healthcare expert to examine the compatibility of a particular form to their health. Although the euphoria at the end of the tunnel might be a worthy chase, one’s safety must, at all times, be of the highest priority.

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