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Liquid Gold 10ml POPPERS


This item: Liquid Gold 10ml POPPERS


Liquid Gold 10ml POPPERS is one our most popular popper products on the planet.

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  • Please note: This product is sold as a room odorizer, liquid aroma and/or leather cleaner only.
  • We are not responsible for the media claims that liquid aromas are said to be aphrodisiacs or sex drugs, and we do not endorse such claims.
  • We DO NOT encourage the misuse of these products as inhalants.

Terms and Conditions: The bottles contain warnings against inhaling the product and should only be used in accordance with the label. These products are not sold for human consumption in accordance with CPSA, 15 USC 2051-2084, at 2057a, 2057b and 2068. These products are not allowed for sale to minors. All nitrite-based products are sold as high-performance general purpose cleaners, room odorants, liquid incense, liquid aromas, leather cleaner, and video head cleaner only. We do not encourage the misuse of these products. Deliberate misuse of our products is illegal. Products do not contain amyl nitrite. Misuse of these products while also taking an ED medication can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure with the possibility of a fatality. Avoid All bodily contact. DO NOT INHALE NITRITE BASED COMPOUNDS ESPECIALLY WHILE USING ED MEDS! Copyright © 2011-2019. All rights reserved.