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Amyl Titanium Popper 24ml. This popper is our strongest popper yet. Composed of Iso Amyl Nitrite. It is recommended for people who are used to taking poppers. Amyl Titanium blows away all other leather cleaners.  This popper will give you immediate relaxation and enhanced sexual pleasure. This is the real deal.

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Composed of Amyl nitrite

Bottle of 24ml

A luxurious and elegant scent popper formulated with the best quality ingredients. The primary active component is Iso Amyl Nitrite (original formula). Amyl Titanium is sold as a liquid aroma, room odorizer, and leather cleaner. It is easy to use, affordable compared to market prices, and will grant you a sensual rush of sweetness once you open it in your room. The product is suitable for use in whichever room, be it the bedroom or living room.  Iso Amyl Nitrite belongs to a family of Nitrites that were used as a treatment for angina (chest pains) – the nitrite would be popped and sniffed.

Hence where the popper got its name. Main precautions include ensuring the product is out of reach of children and keeping it away from direct sunlight.  Primary uses include removing stains from leather, car bumpers residue, and scuff.  When used as a cleaner, wear gloves, take the solvent and dip a cotton swab. When used as an aroma, go to the corner of the room and open it. The sweetness will flow from that corner and engulf your entire room with a romantic aroma. Sniffing poppers boost blood circulation in the body enabling a sense of euphoria, head rush, and high sex libido

Benefits of Amyl Titanium

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Blood circulation
  • Euphoria
  • Increasing sexual drive
  • Boost head rush
  • Solve erectile dysfunction
  • Removing stains from materials made in leather

Side Effects of Amyl Titanium

  • High heart rate
  • Blood pressure drops suddenly
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness and blurred vision
  • Warm sensation


  • Keep away from children
  • Do not inhale
  • Keep away from direct sunlight

Important notes: Poppers may lead to unwanted and careless sexual behaviour. Do not mix a popper with alcohol intake as this might lower your blood pressure and result in adverse health conditions.

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