Poppers are becoming one of the most commonly used recreational drugs. They’re made from nitrates like amyl nitrate or butyl nitrate and give the users a feeling of ‘euphoria.’ Poppers usually need to be inhaled and work very quickly on the human body.

Previously, Poppers were available only to people with severe medical conditions, but now they’re famous for recreational use in the LGBTQ+ community. There are many poppers available in the market:

What are the types of poppers?

There are three main types of poppers: Amyl, Pentyl and Propyl or you can use a mixture of these as well!

  • Amyl Poppers are one of the strongest kinds available. They have a distinct, strong aroma when inhaled. Their effects last the longest among all sorts of poppers, and its effect only gets stronger with time. If you’re a first-timer, we don’t recommend using this!
  • Pentyl Poppers will provide you with an instant rush when inhaled. They’re the most widely available products but work for a shorter period, as compared to Amyl Poppers. They can easily be stored because, unlike other, these do not evaporate as easily.

  • Propyl Poppers are the strongest in the market, narrowly beating Amyl. They were previously banned, and many of its side effects are still unknown. However, the product gives you an immense sense of euphoria that you cannot achieve with other kinds of Poppers.

Mixed Poppers are usually made mixed first hand so that you can fine-tune its effect on you.

How do you choose a brand?

There are many popular brands available in the market. Some of the popular ones are – Jungle Juice, Everest, Iron Horse, Blue Boy and Dragon power. By far, Jungle Juice beats every one of them!

Jungle Juice is one of the oldest brands available in the market and are also amongst the most reliable brands. Jungle Juice come in various types: Platinum, Black, Blue and Plus. Each of them have a different aroma and slightly varying effects, which means you can choose according to your tastes! It packs a punch and it lasts a lot longer than any other product available in the market.

Platinum Jungle Juice has been one of the best-selling formulas on the market. These are a combination of both Pentyl and propyl poppers that give you the maximum effect possible!

While many people think that these can only be used by the LGBTQ+ community, that is not the case! They are easy to use, effective and fun for everyone!

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