Poppers Jungle Juice

Keeping away bad odour may seem like a task at times, and finding that perfect scent that lasts for a long time may not be so easy. However, your search for an amazing liquid room odorizer ends with the Poppers Jungle Juice. This liquid odorizer can be used in multiple ways and is definitely a game-changer when it comes to fighting off a foul odour. While some media houses may claim that liquid odours are aphrodisiacs or sex drugs, Poppers Jungle juice is sold as a room odorizer, liquid aroma, and/or leather cleaner only.

What is poppers jungle juice?

Poppers Jungle Juice is a chemical drug that is composed of various kinds of alkyl nitrites and commonly known as poppers or jungle juice amongst its users. These poppers or amyl nitrite chemicals are mainly responsible for lowering blood pressure and elevate the feeling of lightheadedness when inhaled indirectly. 

Earlier studies also showed that it helps relieve the symptoms of angina pectoris, a common heart condition. However, due to light headedness, it has been used by people as a recreational drug that also increased sexual excitement in males. 

How does poppers jungle juice work?

Poppers Jungle Juice primarily works as a vasodilator and a depressant. It slows down the relay of reflexes. Vasodilation relaxes the blood vessels and relaxes the involuntary smooth muscles. Its effects can be visible in about 30 secs after inhaling the drug and last between 2-3 minutes depending on various physical and biological aspects of the user’s body. These aspects include the health, height, weight of the user, the amount of physical activity done before and after taking the drug, the amount of drug used, strength of the drug, etc. 

Things to take care of before using Jungle Juice

Poppers Jungle juice comes in two variants, the Jungle Juice Platinum and Jungle Juice Black Label, which is an extreme formula. Sold as a multipurpose cleaner and deodorizer, these jungle juice fragrances are mainly to elevate your sexual mood. The products are certified for external use only and not to be inhaled or directly touched. The product is also not sold to minors. 

Precautions to take before having poppers

Even though the drug is not addictive, it is still not advisable to inhale it directly from the bottle. Also, after repeated use, while the users won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms, they will need a few days to get accustomed to not using the drug. Users must also note that the drug shouldn’t be ingested or touched directly at any cost. Direct consumption of the Jungle Juice can cause a severe drop in blood pressure that can be fatal in some cases. Accidentally coming in contact with the liquid can also lead to severe rashes.

As a recreational drug, Jungle Juice is a great option for couples looking for ways to spice up their love life and experience greater pleasure. Although there are several side effects like a drastic drop in blood pressure, increased heart rate, allergic reactions etc., poppers prove to be an effective relaxing agent when used with all the precautions in mind.

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