Jungle Juice Black

Our Jungle Juice Black has put other multi-purpose solvent cleaners to shame. An ideal solution that combines the best of both worlds: it may be used as a room odorizer, leather cleaner, and for muscle relaxation, blood circulation, euphoria, and increased sex drive all at the same time. 

Isobutyl nitrite is the major constituent of this product. As it was initially marketed in little bottles, it was also known as poppers. You press or “pop” these vials between your fingers to release the vapor you inhale for a euphoric, head rush, or “high” feeling.

What does it do?

  • It has been used medically in the past to treat angina (chest discomfort) and cyanide poisoning.
  • It’s made to be opened and kept safely in a room to make it smell nice and, who knows, maybe even get you and your spouse in the mood! Keep your odorizer out of reach to avoid it being knocked over.
  • It can be used as a vasodilator, expanding blood vessels. When breathed, it induces a quick drop in blood pressure, which can cause a surge of pleasure and relaxation that lasts a few minutes. These effects can last anywhere from a few seconds to many minutes. 
  • For several reasons, it is frequently associated with sex. For starters, it lowers inhibitions and increases sexual excitement. Second, it relaxes smooth muscles throughout the body, including those in the anus and vagina, enhancing the pleasure of anal and vaginal intercourse. 
  • While it is often associated with homosexual men, it has been used recreationally by people of all genders and sexualities since the 1960s. Remember that some people take it for the rush alone, not for sexual activity.

Who can use Jungle Juice Black?

Jungle Juice Black is a product that everyone will like. It appears to be consumed by both males and women, heterosexuals and LGBT. It is becoming more popular among young people aged 18 to 25. This is not a matter of gender or sexual orientation. It is a novel individual, collective, private, or celebratory experience.


  • Start slowly: Poppers are quick and powerful, so start with a little dose.
  • Stick to sniffing: Never consume it or attempt to ingest it other than inhaling it.
  • Keep water handy: Keep some water nearby. Any liquid that gets on your skin should be avoided. If it gets into your eyes, flush them with water right away.
  • Plan ahead: If you’re going to have sex after using it, talk about safe-sex techniques first to lower your chances of getting an STI.
  • Skip the cigarette: Some people inhale through the filtered end of a bottle of poppers after dipping an unlit cigarette. However, because these are highly combustible, you risk severely burning yourself if you light that cigarette later. It should also be kept away from lighters, candles, and anything else with a flame.
  • One thing at a time: Mixing it with ED meds or non-prescribed substances, such as alcohol, should be avoided.

A little preparation goes a long way for anal sex, especially for newbies. That extra time can pay you tenfold in terms of intimacy, sheet-twisting pleasure, and maybe even an orgasm or two. To know more about Jungle Juice Black or our other products, go to AussieDirect’s website. Call us at 61 450044009 or send us an email here to place an order.

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