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Leather toys keep things interesting. One can use it for many different purposes and at different places. As wonderful as they are, maintaining them can be a tough task without the right tools and steps. One misstep can ruin the leather. So, here is everything to know about cleaning leather toys:

Cleaning Materials For Leather Toys

  1. Saddle soap: A saddle soap is one of the most common cleaning materials for leather. They, generally, contain mild soap, neatsfoot oil, lanolin, and glycerin, along with beeswax, which protects leather. As such, saddle soaps can be used to clean, condition, and soften the leather.
  1. Mink oil: Mink oil is technically not a cleaning material. It is, moreover, used for softening, preserving, and waterproofing leather. The oil is extracted from the fatty layer under a mink’s skin and is similar to sebum in humans, property-wise.
  1. Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide: Leather is used in many places and comes in contact with the human body. As such, simple cleaning is not enough. They need to be disinfected, as well. 70% rubbing alcohol along with hydrogen peroxide will help kill bacteria on leather that soap may not.
  1. Leather cleaners: Leather cleaners like Jungle Juice Platinum are yet another popular cleaning material among leather toy users. A dime-sized portion of the cleaners is all one needs to clean leather properly. Like other cleaning materials in this list, these cleaners are not suitable for human consumption. Therefore, be careful when using them.

How To Clean Leather Toys?

There are a few steps involved in cleaning leather toys effectively. They are:

  • Do not soak the leather. Doing so will ruin your toy or clothing. Instead, wipe the leather with a cloth damp with either soapy water or leather cleaner.
  • Follow this up by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the material.
  • After all the cleaning, it is time to condition the leather with a conditioner. This will help preserve the material and revitalize it.
  • Finish up by applying a coat of clear nail polish on the metal parts of the toy.
  • Follow this procedure periodically to prevent any infections in the future.

Leather toys need to be cleaned regularly to make it safe to use. Knowing the right cleaning materials to use and the proper method to clean is helpful for toy owners. When taken care of, these toys can be preserved and used for a long time. Choose Jungle Juice Platinum as your leather cleaner and celebrate the increased age of your leather products and toys!

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