Jungle Juice Platinium

Since 1918 Lockerroom has been making world-renowned poppers under the jungle juice brand. This excellent brand has satisfied millions of people around the globe by selling pleasure through a wide range of high-quality poppers. 

The Jungle juice brand is known to be timeless in poppers society. It was made in Canada by a locker room company, and their poppers are the best among other sellers in the world. Jungle juice is not the first attempt by Locker Room as they have made many different brands like Blue boy, Amsterdam, Rochefort, iron horse and fetish. 

Jungle juice platinum has always been the best seller since its brand’s creation. Jungle juice platinum is considered a popular variety containing a special blend that reaches 98% purity and provides incredible intense results. The online product of this brand provides a high-quality standard by delivering a strong aroma that will help the user to have a memorable, fun experience.

Why jungle platinum?

This high-quality popper is made of propyl nitrate that is very effective and gives relaxation to your anal muscles instantly by improving an aphrodisiac effect. If you want to enjoy and have the wildest sexual experience, with limitless and unrivalled sexual creativity, jungle juice platinum will be the best choice for you.

Being a powerful booster, it stimulates all your senses by enhancing movements with sexual ecstasy. It generally lasts for 3 to 4 minutes by giving a pleasant smell that will make you lose all your inhibitions. It is the perfect type of popper that you can have for daily use to get muscular relaxation and experience perfect dilation of the anus. By getting an easier penetration, you will also experience longer orgasms, and you will have an outstanding sexual performance due to the excellent power of Jungle juice platinum.

Wide varieties of poppers

Lockerroom has created a bundle of poppers in poppers society, and you will find a wide range of new juice on the market at affordable prices. In 2019 a new product was created known as jungle juice max. Let’s discuss some of the different types of jungle juices step by step.

  1. Jungle juice zero

These types of poppers are made up of a combination of propyl and pentyl. The bottles have a mega pallet for making the juice last longer. These are considered strong poppers that will enhance your sexual drive due to the presence of pentyl nitrate and make your orgasm excellent.

  1. Jungle juice black label

This is also made up of a combination of nitrates, butyl nitrates and pentyl nitrates. You will be plunged into a sensual and dark universe that will help to stimulate your pleasure. It also makes you lose your inhibitions but ensures better satisfaction.

  1.  Jungle juice plus

This juice is made up of propyl nitrate, and the formula is closer to jungle juice platinum. The aroma of jungle juice plus is less strong,  however, it provides immediate and fast effects that help relax your muscles and provide anal relaxation along with unparalleled comfort.

  1. Jungle juice gold label

This type of variation is not made up of the same nitrates as a black label. It is made up of amyl nitrate that provides a stronger erection and delayed ejaculation. These gold poppers are not appropriate for beginners due to the presence of strong amyl nitrate.

Jungle juice poppers can evaporate quickly, so it is advised to close the bottle after use. All the above products have a high alcohol concentration that helps to make their aromas volatile. Now you can experience sexual bliss using high-quality poppers and get jungle juice platinum online to enhance your sexual pleasure.

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