Amsterdam Special Poppers

Poppers can help you achieve the ultimate nirvana or may become your worst nightmare. Many people get pretty skeptical before buying poppers and are often about the side effects associated with them. Furthermore, people simply buy poppers in Australia but are unaware that different brands and different types of poppers can largely influence how it works. So here is a little guide to get a clearer view of how to choose your poppers today.

You must have heard their names as jungle Juice, liquid gold, rush, purple haze, and buzz, but poppers are actually several kinds of nitrites. So their effects depend on the type of nitrite it contains. 

So here is a little guide to get a clearer view of how to choose your poppers today.

Amyl Poppers

Amyl poppers are known to be the strongest ones on this list. Although they take some time to kick in, their effects last the longest. Their effects vary from euphoria, loss of inhibition, and a  longer high than most poppers provide. The only thing that is not pleasant is its smell.

Therefore, if you are a first-timer trying poppers, we don’t recommend them. But for regular users, amyl poppers remain a popular choice. However, watch out for side effects like headaches. Amyl poppers are usually banned for free sale in various countries, but you can buy poppers in Australia through trusted brands.

  • Butyl Poppers

Another type of poppers, butyl poppers, consists of isobutyl, which causes less headache than amyl nitrite. It effectively increases the duration of orgasm and also improves the dilation of the vagina and anus. Just like the amyl poppers, they are also quite strong and must be used with caution. However, watch out for side effects that can occur due to regular use.

  • Propyl Poppers

Propyl-based poppers are widely sold across the world after the ban was lifted. Created in the 1980s, these poppers gained rapid popularity. Although the effects of propyl poppers last for a small duration, it acts as a potent vasodilator. So, these make for one of the best deals for parties.

  • Pentyl Poppers

Another most popular poppers are pentyl poppers. Yes, most people are referring to pentyl poppers when they ask for poppers. Having similar effects as Amyl poppers, these poppers provide euphoria, stimulation, higher libido, loss of inhibitions, plus a longer orgasm.

Another huge advantage pentyl poppers offer is that they don’t evaporate quickly in the air, making them economical. 

  • Mix Poppers

It is a mixture of poppers curated in such a way that you won’t get side effects like headaches from amyl poppers. The blend contains properly proportioned nitrites making them popular in many countries. 

These give various aphrodisiac effects such as increased sexual arousal, dilated mucous membranes and body orifices, and increased orgasms.

No doubt, the right popper can take you on a thrilling adventure you have never experienced before. However, first-timers and many regular users might have a hard time finding and buying the right variety. Thankfully, you can buy poppers in Australia under one roof at 

You can choose from numerous popular brands worldwide, such as Jungle Juice, Rush, Blue Boy, and much more!

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